Listing your Home in Fall & Winter

Fall and winter
Fall and winter are often considered the off-season for real estate.  The weather can be difficult and busy holidays are reasons many wait until spring to put their house on the market.  However, there are advantages to both home buyers and sellers to list their home or continue their house search throughout the cold months.

As a buyer the summer months of house hunting can be filled with bidding wars and an overwhelming amount of inventory.  Come the cooler months, inventory and offers slow so less competition means more opportunity to get an accepted offer.  It can also be easier to schedule appointments to go on listing tours with your agent.

As a seller, listing your home this time of year has many advantages.  Prospective buyers tend to be more motivated in fall and winter months, especially if they are moving due to a job change or move to the area.  Buyers looking in the winter tend to be actual buyers, not just browsers.  There is also less competition from other sellers, this can lead to demand for your home.  Holidays are a fantastic time of year to list your home because houses tend to show very well when tastefully decorated…
Christmas Stockings Hanging over Fireplace

A few tips for selling your home during the cold Montana winter:
Shovel the Sidewalk & Driveway-
This helps the home look well-maintained and makes it easy for prospective buyers to get inside.  If the home is vacant, make sure to hire a service to keep this up.

Keep it Warm & Light-
When it’s cold outside, keep the house warm and inviting inside!  This helps the buyer to feel cozy and if you have a fireplace make sure it is going during a showing.  If people are walking around shivering, they’ll want to leave quickly!  Lighting is also important during dark winter months.

Show Conveniences-
If your home is on a street that gets plowed often or if the sidewalks are maintained through your HOA, make sure to let the buyers know.  Pointing out why your home is easy to deal with during inconvenient weather can be a selling point.

Keep it Festive (Tastefully)-
Take advantage of the holiday season and put up decorations thoughtfully.  Most are extra cheerful throughout the holidays and a decorated home comes across as a happy home.

Remind Buyers of Winter Fun-
If your home is close to Bridger Bowl or has easy access to Big Sky, let buyers know!  Are you near the 100-acre Regional Park or Pete’s Hill for sledding?  Let them know that!  Many who live in Montana love the snowy weather for the outdoor activities…let potential buyers hear what winter perks are near your home!

If you are curious about what is on the market currently or thinking of listing your home this winter, give our office a call at 406-587-7653 and talk to an agent.  And, if you haven’t looked outside in a while, the snow is finally falling over Bozeman…


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